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Mom of a 10th grade student -

I highly recommend MH Tutoring to anyone who is looking for a little or a lot of extra help for their child in areas they are struggling in. The tutors that my son had for math and science were OUTSTANDING. They were prompt, professional, very friendly and had a very personable way about them which put my son at ease. They were extremely knowledgeable in their subjects. Everything about the program was no fuss... from the billings to the scheduling. They made it very easy. My son went from a D to an A in both subjects over the semester. Incredible! Please contact them if you are on the fence about it! You will be so glad you did!

Mom of a 6th grade student -

My daughter has really enjoyed working with your tutor and we have had excellent customer service with you.

Guardian of a college student(1st year) -

Very excellent and quick service. Highly recommended - 5 stars!

Parents of a 5th grade student -

Thank you for setting up Mountain House Tutoring. We love the tutor and our child ha shown improvement after only a few sessions. We are very happy.

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